Offer of molded wooden boards for joinery

The latest NEW OFFER at the Kinský dal Borgo saw mill: Oak molded boards ready for joinery use or carpentry you can visit the saw mill during working days, working hours and choose amongst our different products: wooden boards, firewood and briquetts for heating.

Woods and Forests

The forest property of the Kinský dal Borgo company is divided into two LHC:

Kost LHC is located in two districts - Mlada Boleslav and Jicin, which are areas of ​​forest land totaling 1,560 hectares. Habitat conditions are complex and highly varied in altitude from 245 m to 390 m above sea level with stands that are made ​​up of 68% conifer and 32% deciduous trees. Much of Kost LHC is included in the Protected Landscape Area of ​​the Czech Paradise.

LHC Chlumec Cidlinou is located in four districts - Hradec Králové, Pardubice, Nymburk and Cologne, and the total area of forest land is 5,665 hectares. Habitat conditions are far simpler than the LHC Kost , with its typical undulating lowland character of the landscape at altitudes from 200 m asl to 290 m asl. Stands are made ​​up of 53% conifer and 47% deciduous trees. In the LHC there is the Žehuňský park which is a National Nature Reserve.