Offer of molded wooden boards for joinery

The latest NEW OFFER at the Kinský dal Borgo saw mill: Oak molded boards ready for joinery use or carpentry you can visit the saw mill during working days, working hours and choose amongst our different products: wooden boards, firewood and briquetts for heating.

The Sawmill

The sawmill is a modern plant built in 2001 and processes mainly its own wood. It produces lumber according to the specific requests of the client. Its modern technology  guarantees a product with high standards of quality  and a great adaptability for every kind of final use.  The lumber is dried (8% humidity) in the wood drying kilns and stocked in a dry warehouse until it is shipped. In 2012,  the  upgrading of the machinery and implementation of digital technology helped accelerate the production process and refine the quality of the semi-finished product. A new production line of wood briquettes was added.