Offer of molded wooden boards for joinery

The latest NEW OFFER at the Kinský dal Borgo saw mill: Oak molded boards ready for joinery use or carpentry you can visit the saw mill during working days, working hours and choose amongst our different products: wooden boards, firewood and briquetts for heating.

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Proposition of luxury vacation packages

Kinsky dal Borgo a.s. is a diversified, family owned company based in the town of Chlumec nad Cidlinou, only 80 Km distance from the centre of Prague (Czech Republic).


The company was founded about 20 years ago by Giovanni and Pio Kinsky dal Borgo, who were looking for opportunities to successfully manage the family properties which had been given back to them from the Czech state, following the end of the Communist regime.


This is a share-holding company managing the properties of the Kinsky dal Borgo family, it is engaged in the following areas of operation:

  • tourism: the company manages the baroque chateau of Karlova Koruna, original representative seat of the Kinsky family, and the medieval fortress of Kost which was originally held by the Dal Borgo family.

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  • hunting: the Kinsky dal Borgo family owns over 7 000 hectares of forest which it manages both for forestry and hunting purposes. The family’s historical game reserve is still present today and consists of over 600 hectares of beautiful century-old oak forests which is fenced to preserve a unique population of mouflons (spp. Ovis musimon) and fallow deer (spp. Dama dama). The natural habitat is carefully managed and it is not rare to find here excellent trophies in the gold medal range. Recently this year the hunting reserves of the Kinsky dal Borgo family were awarded the Wildlife Estates Label, rewarding the good management of biodiversity and its natural habitat (see        
  • forestry: the company also owns a saw mill which processes wood coming from its own forests. The saw mill specializes in a wide range of wood products, ranging from construction material to flooring material.
  • horses: the roots of the family go deep into the history of the Czech republic, horses have always been a special interest and a favourite activity. Originally the Kinsky family was breeding military horses for the Austrian Emperor’s cavalry, later on (1800’s) Count Octavian Kinsky founded his own breed: the Kinsky horse. He was an excellent rider and a passionate hunter, he was the first one to introduce the steeplechase or chasse par force in the Czech Republic and the first-ever steeple chase in this country was held in the fields and forests surrounding the family stud Ostrov. Count Oktavian Kinsky also was a founding member of the Velka Pardubicka, a famous national horse race which still takes place every year. A unique exposition of the history of the Kinsky family and horse breeding in Bohemia can be visited in the near-by chateau of Karlova Koruna. Today Ostrov is rented out to the Prague Polo Club ( and here visitors can enjoy polo as well as all sorts of equestrian activities.


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View of the castle Karlova Koruna, photogallery of castle Karlova Koruna


View of the castle Kost, photogallery of castle Kost


Possibilities for tourism

The company has a solid 20 years experience in offering a wide variety of services to both visitors and companies.

Its services include:

  • guided tours of Karlova Koruna and Kost;
  • weddings;
  • gala dinners, balls and concerts;
  • corporate events (team building, promotion, training, etc.);
  • hunting retreats.


The unique location and diversity of activities allow us to offer a wide range of activities for your clients. We can suggest several “vacation packages” we believe would be very attractive for your VIP clients, and offer many activities in order to engage a broad audience: history and architecture enthusiasts, nature lovers, horse lovers and hunters.


Of course we remain open for suggestions and are able to offer “tailored” solutions in order to accommodate a different audience.


Typically we can offer weekend programs but suggest our guests to plan for a longer stay (of 3 or more days) in order to fully explore and appreciate the sites and activities we offer.