Offer of molded wooden boards for joinery

The latest NEW OFFER at the Kinský dal Borgo saw mill: Oak molded boards ready for joinery use or carpentry you can visit the saw mill during working days, working hours and choose amongst our different products: wooden boards, firewood and briquetts for heating.

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Price list: other services and charges

Prices  during a driven hunt


Charge for one hunter's place-1 shooter( minimum 3 drives)

3 500,-


1 800,-

Yearling up to 60 kg

2 100,-

Missed shots during drive are not charged


In absence of deer during the drive, the fee will be reduced by 50%.



Small game

Kč / piece

Hunt by stalking:


Royal pheasant  (tail length over 130cm)

2 500,-

Royal pheasant  (tail length  up to 130cm)

1 500,-




Not hunted

 Hunt by driven shoot:


 common pheasant

 (min. 300 birds)

 1 000 birds and over




 royal pheasant (tail length  up to 1 m.)

1 500,- 



Other prices:


Rented hunting weapons – shotguns (per day)


Cartridges/ammunition, regardless of  calibre (100 pieces)


hunting license ( 5 days)

 1 000 ,-

Performance of  trumpeters (1day)

2 000,-

insurance( 4 months minimum)


refreshments at the hunting lodge




Car for hunter (1km)

6,- / km

Game recovery


Use of hunting dogs


Services of personnel

3 000,-

Lodging in two-bed room/1 day, 1 person

1 000,-

Lodging in two-bed room/1 day, 2 people



Other important information:

  • hunting guide accompaniment fee is charged in any case: whether of successful hunting, missed shots, wounding or no sighting of game
  • preparation consists of boiling and simple bleaching of the  trophies
  • Charge for unauthorized shooting of game: if the hunter decides, on his own or against the instructions of deer hunting guide, to shoot game which is not intended for culling, the fee for such animals shot carries  a 100% surcharge to the basic fee.
  • Services not included: Recovery of hunted game and   arrangement of  ceremonial event at the end of the hunt
  • Prices include 20% VAT