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Package 1 – Bohemian castles and countryside (minimum 3 days)

Day 1 – Guests can fly in at Prague Ruzyne Airport from almost any European capital or drive directly to the town of Chlumec nad Cidlinou (only 80 Km from Prague, just 5 minutes off highway E67 directing Hradec Kralove). Guests can be picked up at the airport by taxi or bus.

Transfer to hotel: depending on the number of guests and their preference several options for accommodation are possible, these include:

  • Hotel Obora, in the town of Lovcice (10 Km from Chlumec nd C., 80 Km from Prague).

  • Spa Hotel Felicitas****, in the thermal town of Poděbrady (about 25 Km from Chlumec nd C., 60 Km from Prague).

  • Hotel Grand****, in the town of Hradec Kralove (about 30 Km from Chlumec nd C., 120 Km from Prague).

  • Hotel Cernigov***, also in Hradec Kralove.


Depending on the location of their accommodation and their time of arrival, guests can enjoy a guided tour or go sightseeing alone in the lovely towns of Podebrady or Hradec Kralove. If staying in Hotel Obora they will enjoy an absolutely relaxing atmosphere in the heart of the Kinsky family’s game reserve and oak forest. They will certainly appreciate observing the wild animals which can be spotted around the hotel and the wonderful view on the lake Zehun.


Poděbrady is a peaceful and historical spa town in the Central Bohemian Region, Czech Republic. It lies on the river Labe 50 km east of Prague on the D11 highway. The discovery of carbonic mineral water resulted in the opening of the first spa in 1908. After World War I Poděbrady rapidly changed into a spa town which from 1926 specialized in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, rapidly gaining renown not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. The history of Poděbrady reaches back to medieval times. A long-distance trade route running from Prague to eastern Bohemia and then on to Silesia and Poland passed through the then forested landscape interwoven with a dense network of river branches.

Visitors can enjoy a tour of the city’s castle of  Poděbrady.


The city of Hradec Kralove contains many buildings of historical and architectural interest. The cathedral was founded in 1303 by Elizabeth, and the church of St. John, built in 1710, stands on the ruins of the old castle.

The original name of one of the oldest settlements in the Czech Republic was Hradec (the Castle); Králové (of the queen) was affixed when it became one of the dowry towns of Elisabeth Richeza of Poland (1286–1335), who lived here for thirty years having been the second wife of two Bohemian Kings, Wenceslaus II and then Rudolph I of Habsburg.  

Since 2004, Hip Hop Kemp, one of the biggest European hip hop festivals, has been held every year in August. "Jazz goes to town", an international jazz festival, is held in Hradec Králové every October. The city's museum currently holds one of the oldest surviving collections of Czech Renaissance polyphony, the Codex Speciálník manuscript.


Picture of the old town square in Hradec Kralove.


Day 2 - Drive from hotel to Chlumec nad Cidlinou (15 minutes from Podebrady, 20 minutes from Hradec Kralove). Guided tour of the Karlova Koruna Chateau Lunch at Hotel Obora and visit of the game reserve (10 minutes drive from Karlova Koruna). Departure for Kost castle (1 hour drive), visit of Humprecht castle and Kost castle with additional walk or bike tour of surrounding countryside.


Humprecht castle is an early Baroque hunting chateau built for Humprecht Jan Černín of Chudenice in the second half of the 16th century according to architectural plans by Carlo Lurago. After the fire of 1678, the structure was vertically enlarged a modified. Surrounded by a wood park, formerly a game reserve. Visitors can admire historical interiors with painted walls, a feasting hall with excellent acoustics, a separate ladies’ a gentlemen’s quarters. The chateau also houses a museum of the Sobotka region and a gallery located in the tower. The wooden gallery offers splendid views.


Kost castle was originally built in 1371, probably by Benes of Wartenberg as a defensive stronghold. The name “Kost” which in Czech means “bone” was probably given because of its solid walls which made it so difficult to invade. Kost castle is one of the best preserved castles in the Czech Republic.  This castle is different because is it was built down in a meadow and not on top of a hill but doesn’t mean it lacked the ability to defend itself. One of the reasons it is so well preserved today is actually because it was so difficult for enemies to find! Part of its “charm” is its very own medieval torture chamber complete with guillotine, rack, stocks wheels and thumbscrews.


Possibilities to end the day include a medieval dinner at Kost castle or Gala dinner at chateau Karlova Koruna.


Day 3 - Departure from hotel to Prague (max 1,5 hour drive from Hradec Kralove). Guided tour of Prague. Transportation to Prague airport.