Offer of molded wooden boards for joinery

The latest NEW OFFER at the Kinský dal Borgo saw mill: Oak molded boards ready for joinery use or carpentry you can visit the saw mill during working days, working hours and choose amongst our different products: wooden boards, firewood and briquetts for heating.

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Cultural Monuments

Zámek Karlova Koruna v Chlumci nad CidlinouThe castle "Karlova Koruna" (Charles's Crown) is one of the foremost Baroque castles in the Czech Republic and its plans were drawn by Jan Santini Aichel, one of the main baroque architects of Italian origin. Built in 1721-1723 as the summer-seat of Count Frantisek Ferdinand Kinsky in honor of the coronation of Emperor Charles VI. King of Bohemia, it later took the name “Charles Crown” to commemorate the emperor’s visit to the castle.


Hrad KostKost castle A fortified stronghold built after 1371, probably by Benes of Wartenberg. After him, Kost was acquired and further expanded by the Hasenburgs, the Schellenbergs and the Bibersteins (who added the "renaissance" wing).Later  Kristof of Lobkowitz added a palace, a brewery and farm buildings, which were fortified and joined to the castle. It is located in the Český ráj (Czech Heaven) and is one of the best preserved gothic castles in Bohemia.

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